Across the Globe: Artist Spotlight #7

by Unseen2 September 10 2018

The galleries have been announced, the artists confirmed, but do you know who’s who? In the weeks leading up to Unseen Amsterdam 2018 we’ll be shining a light on each of the artists represented by the participating galleries. This week, we will be looking at the work of artists exhibiting at this year’s edition of Unseen Amsterdam from galleries from France.

Galerie Les Filles du Calvaire (FR)
Exploring siblinghood through portraiture, Nelli Palomäki’s (FI, 1981) series Shared, shows the physical closeness between siblings while also delving into the underlying discomfort of being so close to someone. Meanwhile, SMITH (FR, 1985) will be exhibiting Saturnians, a series they created in collaboration with composer and astro-physicist centred around the discovery of the new radio-active chemical ‘Saturnium’.

Dora and Vera, from the series Shared, 2017 © Nelli Palomäki_Galerie Les filles du calvaire.jpg

Image: Dora and Vera, from the series Shared, 2017 © Nelli Palomäki/Galerie Les filles du calvaire

Galerie Binome (FR)
Baptiste Rabichon
(FR, 1985) present his series, Orly, which plays with Paris Orly X-ray scanners creating free compositions with various objects and natural elements whose colours show the density of the materials. Edouard Taufenbach (FR, 1987) transforms anonymous photographs and scenes from everyday life into captivating collages. His series Spéculiare, is composed of silver photographic created from archival images of the Sebastien Lifshitz Collection. Marie Clerel’s (FR, 1988) research on the materiality of the image stands at the crossroad of artistic genres, while revisiting the primitive practices of photography, especially the cyanotype technique. At Unseen she’ll be showing premiering cyanotype photograms from the series Dogears, which mark interstices between the time of the novel and that of reality. For his series Territoires Circonscrits, Thibault Brunet (FR, 1972) plays with the ambiguity of the image’s position to uncover its narrative potential.

Galerie Clémentine de la Féronniere (FR)
Marco Barbon
(IT, 1972) often creates melancholic photographs about both the physical and symbolic borders we encounter in the present day. The major themes of his work are the temporality and inherent ambiguity of the photographic image, which is a vehicle for creating both documentation and fiction.

Aux alentours du lieudit des Tombeaux Phéniciens, Tanger, from the series The Interzone, 2015 © Marco Barbon_Galerie Clémentine de la Féronnière_0.jpg

Image: Aux alentours du lieudit des Tombeaux Phéniciens, Tanger, from the series The Interzone, 2015 © Marco Barbon/Galerie Clémentine de la Féronnière

Intervalle (FR)
Elsa Leydier
(FR, 1988) interrogates and investigates images that are used to define iconic places and territories. Using photography and found materials to unpack and rethink popular narratives of exoticism, Leydier travelled to South America in search of lesser-known realities. Julien Mauve (FR, 1984), in his series Island of the Dragonflies, explores a phantom island said to lie in the Atlantic called Hy-Brasil. Based on the legend of the island, the work functions as an explorative scrapbook where Julien Mauve portrays an imaginary place with nothing except for the human-built objects, hints at a human presence. Julien Mignot (FR, 1981) explores themes of voyeurism and curiosity towards sex in his series Love Screen. Stemming from his own childhood and how the topic of sexuality was handled, he places the issue in a striking, contemporary setting.

Untitled 19, from the series Island of the Dragonflies, 2017 © Julien Mauve_Intervalle_0.jpg

Image: Untitled 19, from the series Island of the Dragonflies, 2017 © Julien Mauve/Intervalle

Unseen Amsterdam 2018 runs from the 21st to the 23rd of September. Check out our programme, get your tickets now and start planning your perfect Unseen experience.

Header Image: 1, from the series Orly, 2017 © Baptiste Rabichon/Galerie Binome