Galerie Bart

The Netherlands, Amsterdam & Nijmegen Stand13

Galerie Bart works with ambitious artists: new talent as well as more established artists, most of whom have graduated from a Dutch art academy. Galerie Bart Amsterdam is located in the heart of the gallery district. Here it organises eight exhibitions per year, mostly solo or duo presentations. Galerie Bart Nijmegen organises thematic group exhibitions in a large space at the Honigfabriek, a repurposed industrial site that has become a lively cultural hotspot.

ARTISTS 2018: Femke Dekkers, Henk Wildschut

ARTISTS 2017: Alexandra Hunts, Jannemarein Renout, Kuno Grommers

ARTISTS 2016: Kuno Grommers, Femke Dekkers, Isabelle Wenzel

ARTISTS 2015: Aliki van der Kruijs, Isabelle Wenzel, Jannemarein Renout

ARTISTS 2014: Femke Dekkers, Isabelle Wenzel

ARTISTS 2013: Femke Dekkers, Yvonne Lacet