Galerie Caroline O’Breen

The Netherlands, Amsterdam Stand 40

Caroline O’Breen, formerly known as Seelevel Gallery, was founded in 2009 and is currently located in the heart of Amsterdam. The gallery presents contemporary fine art photography by talents from the Netherlands and abroad. Caroline O'Breen concentrates on conceptual and innovative art by artists who examine, challenge and expand the photographic medium in function and meaning. In this way, photography can also be taken as a starting point or framework for other art forms, like installations, collages and sculptures. Caroline O’Breen aims to open the market for high-quality independent photography to a wider audience. 

ARTISTS 2018: Anne Geene, Carolien Scholtes, Diana Scherer

ARTISTS 2017: Laurence Aëgerter, Marjolein Blom, Ola Lanko

ARTISTS 2016: Laurence Aëgerter, Ola Lanko, Sarah Mei Herman, Satijn Panyigay

ARTISTS 2015: Diana Scherer, Laurence Aëgerter, Marijn Bax, Ola Lanko

ARTISTS 2014: Danielle van Ark, Eddo Hartmann, Juul Kraijer

ARTISTS 2013: Koen Hauser, Isabelle Wenzel, Marrigje de Maar, Lieve Prins

ARTISTS 2012: Diana Scherer, Anne de Vries, Isabelle Wenzel, Fleur van Dodewaard, Koen Hauser