Mirko Mayer Gallery / m-projects

Germany, Cologne Stand 10

Mirko Mayer Gallery / m-projects was founded in 1998 and is based in Cologne. The gallery aims to collaborate with artists who work in the two- and three- dimensional domain simultaneously, often resulting in exhibitions that are installation-based and site specific. m-projects was developed to complement the gallery’s programme and helps emerging artists to show their work before they are featured in mirko mayer galerie.

ARTISTS 2018: Micha Cattaui, Pasi Orrensalo

ARTISTS 2017: Ralph Baiker, Pasi Orrensalo, Colin Cook

ARTISTS 2016: Mia Boysen, Ralph Baiker, H.G. Esch, Harald F. Müller

ARTISTS 2015: Clegg & Guttmann, Micha Cattaui

ARTISTS 2014: Mia Boysen, Ralph Baiker

ARTISTS 2013: Dan Dubowitz, Ralph Baiker, Harald F. Müller

ARTISTS 2012: Dan Dubowitz, Ralph Baiker