ING Unseen Talent Award: Andrea Grützner

by Unseen September 05 2017

Photo: Hive, 2017 © Andrea Grützner

Andrea Grützner (b. 1984, Germany) received her MA in Photography from FH Bielefeld after receiving her BA in Communication Design from HTWG Konstanz. She has been the recipient of a number of grants and awards, including the 2014 PhotoVision sponsorship award of Photographie Magazin, and was selected to be a member of 2016’s FOAM Talent. Her work has appeared in a number of publications, including GEO Magazin, Erbgericht, The New York Times and collectors agenda, and has been exhibited in various countries all over the world, including Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Luxembourg, Latvia and China. Grützner’s work investigates the contrast between the familiar and the unfamiliar by examining the individual’s perception of space and historic structures.

Artist Statement
Modern societies facilitate the creation of buildings, but why do they generate narrow pathways despite these open spaces? In particular, contemporary educational buildings seem to be the architects’ creative mecca, grounded in their dreams of individualism. These structures were designed to provide a space for finding common ground and sharing knowledge – a meeting and learning environment. But could architecture have anticipated this additional, performative power?

Their interiors seem to be metaphors for orientation and alienation, like a computer game with different levels. Some spaces feel as if they could close in on you with a sudden snap, swallowing you up. Others seem like spatial, comic pictures with a simplified, symbolic nature – like a lawn or a hive.

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