ING Unseen Talent Award: Robin Lopvet

by Unseen September 05 2017

Photo: Économie de marché (Market economy), 2017 © Robin Lopvet

Robin Lopvet (b. 1990, France) attended de l’École Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie in Arles and received a post-graduate diploma from the International Center of Photography in New York City. His work has appeared in a number of publications, including Der Greif, Capsule Magazine, and OffTheWallPhotoBook, among others. He has also exhibited his work at various galleries and institutions throughout France, New York, China and Japan. Exploring subversive themes such as movement and the progress of time, Lopvet works with both photography and video to address issues surrounding, language, economics and parody.

Artist Statement
For three years, I lived in Arles, France. Twice a week, one of the biggest markets in the area takes place. When it ends, there is still a lot of edible food thrown in the trash. This work represents a portion on one day’s waste. I did not see anyone pick up anything on this day. Wasting food is what Europeans do with our common ground. As I am involved in post-photography (an attitude that assumes the digital part of photography, using artefacts and repetitions, without trying to hide the digital materiality), I will represent the waste of one single day in one large digital collage, and add some pieces of broken glass made with pictures of fruits and vegetables to this organized chaos, creating diamonds out of the trash.

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