Newly Printed: 'Tiger 2' by Yoshinori Masuda

by Unseen May 17 2016

Just out! Unseen and Lecturis are proud to present the winner of the 2015 Dummy Award, “Tiger 2” by Yoshinori Masuda. The Unseen Dummy Award is a collaboration between Unseen and Lecturis to showcase the work of exceptional photographers and designers from around the world and to give them a chance to realise and publish their photobook dummy. The Unseen Dummy Award will give the winning photographer an entry into the international photography industry.

"Tiger 2 is a strange, daring and challenging book, which literally stages and re-stages the act of looking from its front cover to its last page. It was, given the high quality of both the long-list and shortlist, inevitably a controversial choice, but it is certain to be an instant classic!"

In 2015, Yoshinori Masuda was announced the winner for the award by and an international jury, consisting of Paul van Mameren (Managing Director, Lecturis), Simon Baker (Senior Curator, International Art (Photography), Tate), Paul Kooiker (artist) and Anna-Alix Koffi (Founder, Off the Wall). After much deliberation, the jury decided on one winner: the 2015 Unseen Dummy Award: Yoshinori Masuda with his entry Tiger 2. According to the jury, the diversity and quality of submissions this year were very high. They were looking for books that combined original and technically sophisticated approaches to photography with a sense of the value of sequencing and design so important for photo books.  "We were also looking for something completely new, something ‘unseen.’" Head on over to Lecturis and grab your copy now!