Anne Rearick

France, Paris Galerie Clémentine de la Féronnière

Through photographing places of historic import, beauty, and violence, as well as emotionally charged places from my own childhood, Anne Rearick draws upon archetypal memory and the powerful events and people who shaped her.

In her 25 years of work as a documentary photographer, Anne has explored a range of subjects from rural life in the French Basque country, to the culture of amateur boxing, to post-apartheid South African townships. With the bitter and deep division within the United States and the shocking outcome of the recent election, Rearick feels that it is timely and vital that she begins this work, taking a hard look at her own culture. She believes that in the most powerful documentary work, the artist has a deep emotional connection to their subject, as evidenced in works ranging from Raoul Peck’s "I Am Not Your Negro" to Agnes Varda’s "The Gleaners and I."