Colin Cook

Germany, Cologne Mirko Mayer Gallery / m-projects

One of the constant factors in the work of Colin Cook is humour, no matter what medium Cook’s work has had a laugh out loud impact. Another aspect of his work is a hermetic and isolating sense of self -consciousness that is simultaneously terrifying and exhilarating. Cook is strengthened by his preference for sexual content and witty, violent strike exchange. Time and time again it becomes clear that humour can be a catch that draws people into a deeper relationship to a work of art. The synthesis of seemingly incompatible concepts can be achieved faster and better with laughter than through long discussions. Colin Cook shows a megalomaniac, self –indulgent vanity which makes the inevitable fall for the childish promoter in the end even more impressive. Cook’s work is a self-portrait through a catalogue of schizophrenic exaggerated messages, they form a forest of knee high giggling, always moving flowers, from whose blossoms one grimaces the face of the artist. Cook’s work emanates the dangerously unstable self-confidence of a person who cannot be allowed to doubt, and his art is a success if we do not convince ourselves.