Ellen Mandemaker

The Netherlands, Amsterdam Galerie Ton de Boer

Ellen Mandemaker (1968, Haarlem, the Netherlands) carefully examines the compositions and constructions she makes in her studio. Almost like a panoramic-landscape photographer, but within the boundaries of a piece of paper or the surface of a table. Meticulously observing and consuming every irregularity, swelling, or shade makes her work intimate, she is showing us the journey, and the deviations. A new series of sequences called Formations will be shown at Unseen Photo Fair 2014.

Ellen graduated in 1997 from the Rietveld Academie (the Netherlands). Her photographs were previously exhibited at FOAM, Seelevel Gallery, Ton de Boer, Arti et Amicitae (Amsterdam), Bibliotheque National Paris and many other venues. In 2011, her book Monkey Playhouse was published by Fw: Amsterdam.

Please note: This work is not part of the premiere, but provides an indication of what you can expect of the premiere, to be presented for the first time at Unseen Photo Fair 2014.