Elza Jo

The Netherlands, Rotterdam Cokkie Snoei

In Matadora, Elza Jo confronts us with some aspects of the bullfight. With the cruelty, the tradition and the beauty that lies in the dilemma of death, fighting and traditional values. Gracefully, she dances in her decorated bullfighters costume, the paragon of human strength and youth as she fights the dark bull; the challenger of death. Beauty in the dilemma of the fight, without the dilemma there's no beauty, without beauty there's no love,

La Niña Blanca is about rope-manship, keeping a balance between life
and death - about us dancing a waltz with "The White Girls" as she's named in Mexico. We are afraid of her, but the tighter we cling to death, the more we feel alive. Death's just behind us at every moment of the day. Although we shiver for her existence, the contrast she shows us with life is dear to us.