JH Engström

Sweden, Stockholm Grundemark Nilsson Gallery

"JH Engström constructs photographic stories. Placed in sequence, displayed in books and arranged in grids and constellations in the gallery, he persuades the viewer to piece together a sense of the work as a whole, rather than take it one image at the time. Typically, within these groupings the artist juxtaposes diverse subject matter and perspectives: close up with far away, fragment with overview, tender and poetic with shocking. […] And yet, despite this eclecticism, like reading a novel in which the writer breaks the temporal sequence into fragments by switching between times and places, we are somehow able to construct a narrative, albeit one that is loose, inconclusive and open to flights of fancy." - Grant Watson, in Photo Art. The New World of Photography, Thames & Hudson, 2008.

Please note: This work is not part of the premiere, but provides an indication of what you can expect of the premiere, to be presented for the first time at Unseen Photo Fair 2014.