José Ramon Bas

France, Paris Galerie VU'

José is an incurable traveller. He is a poet in love with spaces and people and so he invents objects that preserve the memory of his experiences and emotions. He is not concerned about building up a body of work but rather endeavours to reproduce images of those times he spent travelling in Africa, Cuba or Brazil.

During his travels he photographs in a playful way. When he returns to his home in Barcelona, he transforms the images that he has recorded. He prints them, with little interest for technique, and then he works on them: he may write on the proof, scratch it, or mistreat it, depending on the mood or inspiration of the moment, before setting it in a resin inclusion and dedicating it, between imagery and sculpture, to its status as an object. For José, each negative is an opening into infinite possibilities and which are to convey his memory of the travel experience.