Karina Wisniewska

Switzerland, Zurich BILDHALLE

When Karina Wisniewska steps into a forest glade, she intuitively senses an elemental structure behind things. It is similar to the way that Paul Cézanne saw geological and geometrical patterns in Mont Ventoux, and it lends rhythm to the landscape. (...) Suddenly and unexpectedly, the artist sees the landscape behind the landscape. She draws out her camera and readies it for action. She works with exposure times of several seconds.

The pictures depict the metamorphoses of various forest scenes, a magical symbiosis of nature and the artist’s inner vision. In some of the forest pictures, the sense of space is dominated by a commanding structure of horizontal and vertical forms. In others, there Is only an intuition of the forest. Still, we sense the real image – yet it is different, it has depth, embraces the past and the present and hints at the future. Again and again, we are drawn deep into the pictures: to the forest floor with its mosses, ferns and grasses, up into the blue of the sky shimmering through the branches. Karina Wisniewska’s works are complex, vibrant and forever in motion.