Kazuo Yoshida

Japan, Tokyo G/P gallery

Kazuo Yoshida was born in 1982, Hyogo, Japan and is now based in Tokyo. In the situation where our lives are completely surrounded by digitalised images, he is making work which questions the relationship between people's perception and visual information - colour as non-definite code, and our act of seeing.

Exhibitions include: Boundaries of Photography, Yokohama Civic Art Gallery, Azamino, 2014; Picturing Plants (The Museum of Modern Art Gunma, in 2013; Expanded Retina (Tokyo, G/P gallery) in 2012. He has received the grand prix of The 11th Gunma Biennale For Young Artists in 2012, and his representative work, Air Blue, was selected for The 16th Japan Media Arts Festival Jury Selections in 2013.