Kinez Riza

Jakarta, Indonesia d gallerie

Kinez Riza is an Indonesian artist whose work questions representations of reality and identity in lesser-known belief systems and provides nature as an allegory to human experience. The contextual research is based on trans-disciplinary themes in the social and natural sciences and the impact of its application within her work. Reoccurring themes within her work include explorations of symbology, iconology and mythology. These are expressed mainly through the photographic medium, although she incorporates multimedia installations and sculpture within her works as well.

Part of her practice includes artist-led expeditions to varied ecosystems or isolated communities, individually led or in partnership/residency with art and scientific institutions. The work she produces is a conduit to better regard human nature. She has been exhibited within Indonesia and abroad. She participates in location-based residency programmes such as The Arctic Circle Org (2013) and Land Art Mongolia 360 (2014) and has an ongoing residency with the archaeological department of the Bandung Geology Museum.