Lamberto Teotino

Italy, Milan mc2gallery

 Lamberto Teotino (b. 1974, Italy) specializes in visual arts; his investigation is mainly developed by analyzing the nature of the image and its perceptual mechanisms. The main features of his work are the use of photography, technical and conceptual actions on archival images and the use of a philosophical approach to the image in the form of visual installations. What matters to the artist is the dissemination of meaning, paradox, the conditions of perceptive alteration and a new conceptual design. A kind of metaphysical displacement or deviation.Teotino is not attracted to traditional photography, intended as the representation of the "real" that fixes onto memory and lives between the lights and shadows of a scene that can be either spontaneous or artificial, of which the final combination is nonetheless merely decorative. He does not consider it art, but simply photography.