Marjolein Blom

The Netherlands, Amsterdam Galerie Caroline O’Breen

Marjolein Blom (b.1984, Dordrecht) is a visual artist who lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She studied photography (BA) at the Fotoacademie, Amsterdam and graduated with a project about time traveling, titled Double Slit Experiment. The eponymous book was shortlisted for the Unseen Dummy Award in 2014.

Her photographs are the result of a fascination for scientific theories that are often considered counterintuitive, like those of quantum physics, special relativity and the inner workings of our universe. Blom's latest work 'A Monkey Peeled an Onion...' focusses on the history and science of the nature of the vacuum. Over the past years her works have been exhibited in different international group shows on fairs and festivals including Art Rotterdam and Fotografia Europea (Italy).