Marrigje de Maar

The Netherlands, Amsterdam Galerie Caroline O’Breen

Originally, Marrigje de Maar, (The Hague 1944) graduated as a sociologist. In 2004 she graduated in photography at the Academie Minerva in Groningen. She has been taking pictures of interiors since 2002. In the beginning she worked in worn out, rejected buildings, later she concentrated on private homes in Asia.

For her photography Marrigje never travels along a pre-fixed route. Her trips are guided by intuition and by experiences along the way. Roads that attracts her, people she meet and stories she hears. The doors Marrigje chooses to knock on rarely hold a clue about what she may find inside. She never visualizes anything beforehand and her pictures reflects her first impressions. The image comes alive in the existing light.

The series Sediments is shot with a wooden pinhole camera – a camera without a lens. With this camera she comes closer to her subjects and gets a more direct image without any optical interferences. A true way to pay homage to photography's nature as a record written by light. The pictures chronicle with elemental simplicity, what it means to occupy a specific place on earth at a specific time.

About Sediments: "I am not a documentary photographer I always work around a specific concept. This series Sediments is all about time. Time embodied in the landscape and the culture of a country. But also in the way I moved around and in all that happened during this period at these specific places”.

The exposure time with a pinhole camera is long - sometimes more than 45 minutes. That whole period is deposited in the color layers of the film. In 2012 Marrigje made two long hikings in Nepal, still assisted by a guide and porters. Sediments is made during these trips in Solo Khumbu and Mustang.