Programme Highlight: Book Market launches

by Unseen2 September 07 2018

As Unseen Amsterdam 2018 draws closer, it’s time to start filling you agenda. With over 65 book signings and launches taking place in the Book Market alone, we have highlighted a selection of book launches that are not to be missed.   

Friday 21st September

Tipi bookshop, Sarah Van Marcke, Errors and residuals
Errors and residuals is an ongoing series of small publications by Sarah Van Marcke, in which she deals with the archive of a man named Ignace D.K, who died in 2013. After his death, her parents bought and moved into his home to find all his remaining belongings perfectly organised and ordered. Van Marcke uses the archive to talk about our urge to control, and the strategies we develop to protect ourselves from the contingency of our destiny. Van Marcke presents the first three parts of this project: a view, a ritual and a visit.

Witty Kiwi, Fabrizio Albertini, Radici

Radici is a story about resilience; a novel of nature, form and memory. Set against a landscape of misty memories of childhood images in the Cannobina Valley, Radici elaborates on a conflict of the present day, where success depends on the act to sustain a form.


Image: Witty Kiwi, Fabrizio Albertini, Radici

EDITORIAL RM, Albarrán Cabrera, Remembering the future

Thinking about the past and the future might seem like different activities, but are in fact deeply connected. Remembering the future is based on the understanding that the act of remembering recalls a representation of the past.

Saturday 22nd September

Meta/Books, Virginie Rebetez, Malleus Maleficarum

Malleus Maleficarum is perhaps Rebetez’s most ambitious and daring effort to explore the space between the visible and invisible, to reimagine and reconsider the story in a fresh way. Conducting  a photographic investigation into the psychic mediums and healers common in the catholic region of Fribourg, western Switzerland, Rebetez explores their identities and rituals, placing these communities in a broader historical context of witch hunting.


Image: Virginie Rebetez, Malleus Maleficarum

Nazraeli Press, Todd Hido, Bright Black World

This profoundly beautiful and arresting collection of 18 images are the results of Hido’s exploration of the northern hemisphere in the impenetrable depths of winter. The realities of climate change lurk behind in these images – the threat of an eternal darkness looming large.

INFRAMUNDO and HYDRA + FOTOGRAFIA, Ana Casas Broda, Ramon Pez and various artists, INFRAMUNDO 21 photobooks

INFRAMUNDO is a collective project based in Mexico, focused on photobook production, experimenting with different narrative tools, hybrid production and collaborative practices. INFRAMUNDO 21 photobooks is the result of a two year programme which provided authors with the tools to develop their books with the support of international editors, designers and curators.

Fw:Books, Henk & Samuel Otte, Citizen of two worlds

In this book, brothers Henk and Samuel Otte follow in the footsteps of their great-grandfather Rev. Gerrit Hendrik Kersten, an influential Dutch Protestant minister who, in 1939, travelled to the US to give emigrant members of his church encouragement and support. The result is a visual road trip to to towns, churches and farms that Kersten visited, with accompanying archive pictures and diary entries.


Image: Henk & Samuel Otte, Citizen of two worlds

AKINA, Simone Sapienza, Charlie surfs on lotus flowers

On the 30th of April 1975, a North Vietnamese tank rolled through the gates of the Presidential Palace in Saigon, signifying the end of the cruel American War, and the beginning of a new independent era from Western regimes. Charlie surfs on Lotus Flowers depicts post-war Vietnam through a sequence of metaphorical responses to its current limbo between the rise of the free-market economy and the Communist one-party state that has ruled since the end of the war.  

Sunday 23d September

Here Press, Laura Cnossen, Love, Klink

A decade after Richard Klinkhamer was released early from prison for the murder of his wife, photographer Laura Cnossen published Love Klink, based on regular visits to Klinkhamer’s small flat in the Jordaan district of Amsterdam. The book follows the relationship that develops between the two, which allowed Cnossen to go beyond the brutal event that defined him, through photographs of Klinkhamer, Klinkhamer’s photographs of Cnossen, extracts from his diaries, and the ongoing correspondence between them.

Skinnerboox, Piergiorgio Casotti & Emanuele Brutti, INDEX G

The Gini Index is a statistical measure of inequality, also used to measure residential segregation. In St. Louis in the US, this situation is particularly apparent: a long boulevard is a clear marker of ethno-racial segregation. In INDEX G, this drastic discontinuity between adjacent spatial and human systems is documented.


Image: Jan Hoek, Mental Superpowers

Art Paper Editions, Jan Hoek, Mental Superpowers

The list of artists and geniuses with mental health issues is long and well-known. But how do the two relate to one another? Or, to rephrase the question, can a mental illness also be seen as a superpower? To answer this question, Jan Hoek spent three months living in a psychiatric hospital in Brooklyn, collaborating with the hospital’s clients and other unique individuals he met in New York. This comic book, Mental Superpowers, is the result.

Image: Albarrán Cabrera, Remembering the future