Publishers’ choice: new photobook launches #1

by Unseen April 10 2018

Book Market, Unseen Amsterdam 2017 © Iris Duvekot

In an attempt to chart the brave new world of photobooks, we have invited an eclectic group of publishers to share their personal picks of the new titles coming out in 2018 and soon to be launched at photography book markets around the world. Here are some of the most anticipated releases, according to industry insiders.

Rob van Hoesel from The Eriskay Connection: I Went Looking for a Ship by Natascha Libbert

Eriskay.jpgI Went Looking for a Ship © Natascha Libbert

Natascha Libbert documents the ever-changing landscape of shipping in I Went Looking for a Ship focusing on the major renovation of the sea lock in IJmuiden, the most important access to the port of Amsterdam. To gain an insider’s perspective on the maritime landscape, she took passage on one of the ships and revealed a side of the shipping industry that is lesser know to the wider public, such as the unassuming way in which maritime transport shapes the landscape around us or the uncanny similarities between divers and astronauts.

When Natascha presented us the project – the technical subject, her poetical approach, the layered design by Michaël Snitker – we knew instantly this was an authentic ‘Eriskay book’. It is one of first instances when we publish a book we have not designed in house, so it marks a new step in our publishing path and we are proud to take this step together with Natascha, a dedicated explorer and a gifted visual storyteller.

To be released: August 2018

Rémi Faucheux from RVB Books: DAMAGE INC. by David De Beyter

RVB_16.jpgDamage INC. © David de Beyter

Over a span of several years, French artist David De Beyter has travelled across the north of Europe following the Big Bangers from race tracks to deserted parking lots to bare farm fields. Self-described as a community of car crashers, the Big Bangers engage in destruction for the sake of destruction and have elevated the act of wrecking cars to an art. They destroy iconic cars using extreme methods – so-called “radical compressions” – with the purpose of creating aesthetic car wrecks – also referred to as “auto-sculptures”. The book mixes photographs, screenshots, archival work and collage and is part of a larger multimedia project called “Build and Destroy”. Situated at the intersection of film, photography, installation and re-appropriation, “Build and Destroy” is an in-depth documentation of the striking and destructive aesthetic of the Big Bangers communities.

To be released: May 2018

Hans Gremmen from Fw: Books: Robert F. Kennedy Funeral Train — The People’s View by Rein Jelle Terpstra

FW Books.jpgRobert F. Kennedy Funeral Train — The People’s View © Rein Jelle Terpstra

June 8, 2018 will mark the 50th anniversary of the 'RFK funeral train'. Up to one million Americans stood along the railway, paying their respects as the train slowly made its way from New York City to Washington, D.C. Rein Jelle Terpstra reconstructs this important day in American history by using vernacular photographs, film stills and the personal recollections of eyewitnesses. Combined with an essay by David Levi Strauss, the book brings together past and present and reflects on ways in which to keep memories alive. As a publisher, I am always looking for books that do exactly that: they should tell an interesting story to begin with, but the way in which the story is told – for instance, through editing and design – is equally important as these are the aspects that will ground the story in the present and will turn the reader into an active viewer.

To be released: May 2018

Roger Willems from Roma Publications: One Wall a Web by Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa 

One_Wall_One_Web_02.jpgOne Wall a Web © Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa

This is one of those books that took a long time to grow, without institutional context or deadline, simply coming from a personal story that has no clear beginning or end. It will be the first monograph by Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa, who is, besides a photographer, also an experienced writer and contributor to other artists’ photobooks. Between 2012 and 2017 he mainly photographed everyday people and peripheral architecture and landscapes in Alabama, New Jersey, New York, and Virginia (USA). In 2014, he also started to collect archival negatives to include them in the narrative. Together with critical text interventions, he managed to address questions of patriarchy, race, history and identity in a refined way. Working on this book with Stanley was a beautiful experience because of the intuitive process that allowed the book to become what it should be.

To be released: September 2018

Gösta Flemming from Journal: STONE BUTTERFLY by Cristina Ferraiuolo

Journal.jpgSTONE BUTTERFLY © Cristina Ferraiuolo

Smart? No. Sensitive? Yes. Theoretical? No. Vibrant? Yes. From a select group of roughly 10 new titles that Journal will bring out this year, we are proud to introduce the first book of Italian photographer Cristina Ferraiuolo entitled STONE BUTTERFLY. Set against the background of her home town, Naples, and shot over the course of many years, this black and white project presents street photography at its best. STONE BUTTERFLY shows teenage girls – both strong and tender – speeding on their scooters through the streets of the Naples, the old city of stone with its decadent beauty, almost like daughters of the final scene in Fellini’s Roma.

To be released: Autumn 2018

Mémé Bartels from Sequence Publishers: Wallpaper by Mémé Bartels
72-dpi-Mémé-Bartels-Wallpaper-.jpgWallpaper © Mémé Bartels

I specialise in artist books and publish one book a year through Sequence Publishers. At the upcoming Unseen Book Market in September, I will launch my latest limited-edition book called Wallpaper. Inspired by a quote from Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, “The world is still deceived with ornament”, Wallpaper is about decoration and seduction, about exclusivity and mass production. It is an artist book that can be seen as a complete exhibition: it contains more than fifty handmade prints on different kinds of Japanese paper and is accompanied by an essay. A visual research into rhythm and structure, I consider Wallpaper a substantive addition to the portfolio of Sequence Publishers in which the search for order is the central theme.

To be released: Unseen Amsterdam, 21-23 September 2018