by Unseen August 23 2016

Our next niche, GREEN IS GOLD, is a Copenhagen based artist-run exhibition space and arts organisation focused on curating and developing projects and exhibitions both locally and internationally.

What is GREEN IS GOLD and how does it function?  
GREEN IS GOLD began in October 2010 in Copenhagen. Since the summer of 2015 we have been a nomadic organisation, leaving behind the physical space it occupied. This has allowed us to focus on producing different types of projects in Denmark and abroad and not to be limited to one specific location. Because GREEN IS GOLD is artist-run, it understands the importance of a continual working relationship with artists. By not occupying one physical space we can be active on more than one level and be involved in more than one show at a time, thus providing more opportunities for the artists, both new and old. 

What are you presenting at Unseen 2016 and how does this illustrate the wider ideas of GREEN IS GOLD? 
At Unseen we are presenting works by three Copenhagen based artists. Their individual practices share the same respect and fascination for photography, but they all challenge the medium by changing its original or standard form. Although all the artist’s work with the image, they do so in un-traditional ways and encompass sculpture and video into what they present. GREEN IS GOLD always aims to have the artists involved in the entire development of each show or project. We rarely curate finished works but instead adopt a fluid approach that allows the artists themselves to continuously develop their respective projects, reaching a conclusion when they see fit.

Want to read more? The entire interview with GREEN IS GOLD can be found in Unseen Magazine 2016, available here! Be sure to purchase your ticket for Unseen Photo Fair and see the niche in person.

Image credits:
(cover photo) If you are Earth then I am water, 2014 © Ditte Knus Tønnesen
(left) Spooky Actions At A Distance, 2016 © Valérie Collart
(right) A Perhaps Tasteful Image, 2014 © Merete Vyff Slyngborg